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It is a duly registered association of a person with a common bond of interest who have voluntarily joined together in order to achieved a common, lawful social economic end.

B What are the Types of Cooperatives
  • ⚫ Consumer Cooperative
  • ⚫ Transport and Service Cooperative
  • ⚫ Credit Cooperative
  • ⚫ Agricultural Cooperative
  • ⚫ Multi-Purpose Cooperative (DaceMPC)
  • ⚫ Housing Cooperative
  • ⚫ Service Cooperative
  • ⚫ Workers Cooperative
  • ⚫ Producers Cooperative
  • ⚫ Marketing Cooperative
C How to become a Member?
  • 1. Come to Dasmariñas City Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative Office and fill-in the Membership Application Form
  • 2. Attend the Pre-Education Membership Seminar
  • 3. Submit the Membership Application Form and attach 2x2 picture
  • 4. Pay the Membership Fee worth P150.00
D Who can join the DaceMPC?
  • 1. Employees of City Government of Dasmarinas (Regular and Casual Employees)
  • 2. Previously Employed Employees of the City Government of Dasmarinas
  • 3. Dasmariñas City Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative Employees
  • 4. Regular Employees of Company within the City of Dasmarinas
  • 5. Sangguniang Barangay of City of Dasmarinas
E What are the types of membership?

- Has Voting Rights
-Consist of Regular/Permanent Employee of City Government of Dasmarinas

-No Voting Rights
-Consist Co-terminous Employees, Casual/Job Order Employees, Previously Employed Employees, Elected Officials of City Government of Dasmarinas DaCE MPC Employees,
-All regular employees under the Private Companies located in the City of Dasmarinas
-Sangguniang Barangay of Dasmarinas

F What are the benefits of being a member of DaceMPC?

⚫Low Interest on Loans (1-1.4% per month) Diminishing Balance Computation
⚫Payment is through Salary Deduction
⚫Annual Distribution of Dividends from Interest on Share Capital and Patronage Refund
⚫Loan Insurance and Health Card in affordable price
⚫Members can avail accumulative total of Five Hundred Ten Thousand Pesos (P510,000.00) for Regular Members and for Associate Members, under no circumstance should the accumulative total exceed of Sixty-Thousand Pesos (P60,000.00) except back-to-back loan.
⚫And many more!

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